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Inspect your serpentine drive belt every 10,000 miles. Look for cracking. Small cracks are normal. Large, deep cracks are a sign that the belt should be replaced.

Once you've determined that your serpentine belt needs to replaced you can search online for the specific part and have it sent directly to your home.



How to check the serpentine belt on your car or truck.

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    • Guest - Willem

      Looking for serpentine (fan) belt diagram of a Ssangyong Musso 2.9 Turbo Diesel

    • Guest - Joe

      Serpentenebelt diogram for 2009 mazda cx7 2.4 l

    • Guest - Paul

      Need serpentine belt diagram for pontiac grand prix supercharged v6

    • Guest - hakim

      Ineed a belt diagram for a 2009 gmc acadi 2009

    • Guest - steve

      Ineed a belt diagram for a 2005 nissan altma 2.5

    • Guest - kevin

      how do itighten a serpintine belt on a 2005 dodge 1500 4x4

    • In reply to: Guest - kevin

      There is no way to tighten the belt yourself like on older carts and trucks. Newer vehicles have a belt tensioner that takes core of that automatically.

    • Guest - Reuben Large

      Belt routing for a 88 chevy scortsdale

    • Guest - lori baker

      My 2007 pontiav g6 doesn't shift out of 1st gear. Could u please give me s good answer, my mechanic friend said try solenoid assembly.

    • Guest - Mechanic Joe

      In reply to: Guest - lori baker

      Yes, it could be a solenoid or it could be the trans is shot. The computer would have to be scanned to see what the trans is doing to determine what is wrong.

    • Guest - alex

      i need serpentine diagram 2002 kia sodona

    • Guest - steve

      Belt diagram for 2006 ford taurus

    • Guest - Gary Phelps

      I need the routing diagram for 06 Dodge Caliber 2.0

    • Guest - Carl

      need diagram for serpentine belt 1993 chevy S10 2.8 V6

    • Guest - Chevy Malibu 2.2L

      Belt routing

    • Guest - Guest

      need belt routing pic 02 dodge 1500 4.7

    • Guest - greg

      need belt diagram for 2006 impala ss with 5.3 liter V8

    • Guest - Big willy

      Belt routing for 2006 impala 3500

    • Guest - dee

      Need diagram for serpentine belt on a Chrysler Pacifica, 2005

    • Guest - Lis

      Need diagram for serpentine belt on 2003 for Escape 3.0 V6.

    • Guest - barbieiam

      Cannot take off tension on serpentine belt on a 1993 Dodge Caravan on tensioner. Help asap.

    • Guest - Tech

      In reply to: Guest - barbieiam

      The tensioner and idler pulley have similar pulleys. The belt tensioner is below the alternator. You need to get a wrench on the center bolt and rotate the tensioner clockwise to release the tension

    • Guest - barbieiam

      Help today if possible for a 1993 Dodge Caravan to replace a serpentine belt. Problem: Can not figure out how to release tension on tensioner on this model only????????

    • Guest - Sandra

      Tensioner diagram for 1993 F-150 5.0.

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