Park Avenue Problems

1998 Buick Park Avenue
Engine Size : 3.8
Question: rear defroster not working : check power to window ,no power told relay not working or switch. Changed relay did no good, Q how do you get switch out to change ????

1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra.
Engine size = 3800
New battery, and drivers side blend air actuator.
Question = Drivers side heat was not working.  Was blowing out cold air.  Replaced the temperature blend air actuator.  Now the heat works but temp will not go cold.

2003 Buick Park Avenue. 3.8 V6 engine.
Question: The heater doesn't always put out heat.. I replaced the Thermostat. The old one appeared o.k. , but I replaced it anyway...Example Backed out of garage to go to a class luncheon, drove 2 miles to pick up my lady.. I let the car run ,went in & got her ,came out & drove to the luncheon approx 1 mile...

1995 Buick Park Avenue base.
Engine Size : 3.8 v6.
Speedometer has stopped working and car will not shift out of 1st gear. i replaced the vss and that did the trick for about 3 months and it is at it again. this always happens when it is damp outside. i have checked and cleaned the connections. all i can figure is a short somewhere or a bad module. any ideas? is this a common problem with the 4t60? thanks!

1993 Buick Park Ave. 3.8L. Warning lights: service engine soon, inflatable restraint. Codes: throttle position sensor.
Question = the engine got hot in my 1993 Buick Park Ave.w/3.8L V-6 and spun the crank everything else worked great!

2003 Buick Park Avenue.
Question Here: The Transmission is shifting goofy.. At times it will shift real smooth & then it will shift real hard.. What could cause that?? I had the dealer do a fluid flush.. I wanted a fluid & Filter change , BUT They said no You want a Flush.. Did I do wrong in doing that too ???

The Driver information panel on my Buick is not working. Could it be a fuse or bulb?? In either of the three fuse box diagrams, I do not see a fuse listed for this center. The area where the information is listed is blank.

1995 Buick Park Avenue. 3.8 V6.
2 problems. Driving a car home left to me in a will. The car just quits. Let it sit for a while and it will run again for a while. It seems when it warms up it just dies and won't restart until it sits for a while. (crank sensor?).....MAIN PROBLEM >.....The horn honks and the lights flash and the car won't start.(delco-loc / theftloc?)..Is there a way to wire around or to completely disable this option? I'm going to give this car to my wife. She goes to work at 5am and drives 7 miles to work.

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Basic Power Steering Operation- Hydraulic

The hydraulic power steering pump is a constant displacement vane-type pump that provides hydraulic pressure and flow for the power steering gear. The hydraulic power steering pumps are either belt-driven or direct-drive, cam-driven.

The power steering fluid reservoir holds the power steering fluid and may be integral with the power steering pump or remotely located. The following locations are typical locations for the remote reservoir:


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P0128 Coolant Temp Below Themostat Threshold

An engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor monitors the temperature of the coolant. This input is used by the powertrain control module (PCM) for engine control and as an enabling criteria for some diagnostics.