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    • Guest - Rene

      I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu it ran hot the other day and we added water and burped the line. We also flushed the motor out with a water hose in the bottom of the motor while it was running.and it started to build up pressure and tried to shut off and then it started ticking. We changed the spark plugs and put Block seal in the radiator but it is still ticking. What could be the cause of the ticking?

    • Guest - TyroneCrawford

      2002 envoy wont crank it sound like it starting just no crank

    • Guest - Tim

      Where can I find a bolt for my idler tensioner pulley on a pontiac bonneville 2001

    • Guest - William Rurak

      Where can I find a fairly cheap engine for my 2003 dodge ram 1500 4.7 v8.

    • Guest - christina

      have a 2000 chevy impala just started today a knocking noise took it for drive keeps turning off finally stopped and doesnt want to start. What could this be.

    • Guest - Mimihenry

      I have a 1999 Oldsmobile alero its over heating and rattling noise

    • Guest - 2001 chevy calviler

      In reply to: Guest - Mimihenry

      put new head on now the car is got a ticking is do the vales need to be checked

    • Guest - Juanmesa

      My mustn't have been making noises I don't know what it is my oil pressure on zero I think it's an oil pump need help

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    The Evaporative Emission (EVAP) control system limits the fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. The EVAP transfers the fuel vapors from the sealed fuel tank to an activated carbon (charcoal) storage device (EVAP canister). The EVAP canister stores the vapors until the engine is able to use the extra fuel vapor. When the engine is able to use the extra fuel vapor,


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