How Things Work

Ever wonder how the different automotive systems function on you car or truck ?

Read through some of the articles below. This list is being added to all the time, so check back soon.

1 Air Bag (SIR) System Function and Operation
2 Air Conditioning System Operation
3 Anti Lock Brakes -What Does The ABS Light Mean
4 Auto Repair Help - How To Check Tires
5 Baisic Starting System Function and Operation
6 Basic Power Steering Operation- Hydraulic
7 Brakes- Front Disc- How Do They Work
8 Brakes- Hydraulic System- How Does It Work
9 Brakes- Rear Drum- How Do They Work
10 Car and Truck Fuel System Operation
11 Car and Truck Seat Belts Operation
12 Charging System Components and Operation
13 Cruise Control Function and Operation
14 Does My Car Need A Front End Alignment?
15 Electronic Throttle Control System Operation
16 Engine Coolant System | Water Pump Radiator Thermostat Heater Core
17 Evaporative Emission System Operation and Components
18 Exhaust Recirculation System - Known As EGR Valve
19 How Does the Catalytic Converter Work
20 How Does the Keyless Entry System Work?
21 How To Check Engine Drive Belts - Routing
22 How To Clean Carbon From Throttle Body- Video
23 How to Rotate Your Tires Properly
24 Positive Crankcase Ventilation - PCV Valve System
25 Power Steering- Electric- How Does It Work
26 Radio Unlock Codes- Stereo Shows LOC or INOP
27 Tire Size Numbers and Description
28 Traction Control Light- What Does It Mean
29 Vehicle Front Suspension Operation
30 Vehicle Rear Suspension
31 Windshield Wiper System Operation