Car Pictures And Videos - Dragstrip - Route 66 NMRA Joliet Illinois 2010

Pictures and videos of Route 66 dragstrip NMRA qualifying day July 17, 2010.

Ford Cobra Jet. Picture of engine compartment. Photo taken at the NMRA qualifing day at Route 66 Speedway idragstrip in Joliet Ilinois on July 17, 2010.
Ford Cobra Jet Engine Picture
Picture of Route 66 Speedway sign from NMRA racing qualifiing day July 17, 2010 Joliet Illinois.
Route 66 Speedway Dragstrip
Picture of Elaine Larsen jet dragster by Miller. The Miller jet dragster was built as a vehicle for engaging the racing community. It compliments our motorsports program with th mission to educate and promote welding at all levels of competition. Length: 27 feet Engine type: General Electric model J-85, 2,500 HP. Afterburner: 316L stainless steel, adds 2,500 HP. Thrust: 4,00 LBS.
Elaine Larsen Jet Dragster
Picture of the Joliet Route 66 dragstip. NMRA racing series July 17, 2010.
Route 66 Speedway
Picture of Mike Bando's 1957 Chevy dragster at the NMRA racing series Route 66 speedway in Joliet Illinois.
Mike Bando 57' Chevy
Picture of Tony Williams of Chicago 1969 Chevrolet Camaro dragster. Taken at Route 66 Joliet speedway dragstip on July 17, 2010 NMRA racing series.
Tony Williams 1969 Chevy Camaro Dra...
Picture of an 822 Cubic Inch engine in a Ford Cobra Jet drapsgter car.
Cobra Jet Engine
The chassis of that 822 cubic inch Ford Cobrajet dragster.
Chassis of Ford Cobra Dragster
Dragster testing for a run at the Route 66 dragstrip in Joliet illinois.
Ford Dragster Testing Picture
Red Ford dragster at the Route 66 Speedway in Joliet Illinois.
Red Dragster Staging to Race
Dragster staging area at the Route 66 speedway dragstrip in Joliet Illinois.
Dragster Staging Area at Joliet Rou...
Dragstrip Video Clip #1
Dragstrip Video Clip #1
Dragstrip video clip from Route 66 Speedway July, 2010.
Dragstrip Video Clip #2
Dragstrip video clip #3 from the Route 66 speedway in Joliet Illinois.
Dragstrip Video Clip #3
Race car clip #4 at the Route 66 Dragway in July 2010.
Dragstrip Video Clip #4
Dragstrip Video Clip #5
Dragstrip Video Clip #5
Dragstrip video clip from Route 66 speedway in Joliet Illinois.
Dragstrip Video Clip #6

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