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I can get the first 3 numbers by pressing the 2&3 button, however I cant get a second set of numbers pressing the am/fm or the 1&4 what can I try next?

Question: I have a 2002 buick century custom that makes a growling noise off and on at low speeds. I can be going straight or turning, speeding up or slowing down, foot on brake or on gas pedal or not touching either pedal. The only constant is at a slow speed under 30.

Problem with my 1997 Buick.
Engine size = 3.3L V6.
Repairs for this problem = A/C compressor, orifice tube and drier replaced about 1 year ago. The problem I have is that when you turn the ac on the cool air only comes out the 2 vents on the passenger side. The 2 vents on the drivers side have warm air blowing out. A/C is controls are set to max air and max cold on the temp control.

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Question: Today my Buick Century had a break rotor and break pads change, a complete new set. A few hours later I noticed that the anti-lock light stayed on while I was driving. What is the problem? My car is 1994.

Buick Century 2001 Engine size = 3.1. Question: I have a Buick Century that was given to us by my motherinlaw, the battery died, now the radio has LOC on it, I don't know the code, she can't remember. I have looked through all the initial selling paperwork and car manual but nothing is written down.

Problem with my 1992 Buick Century.
Work done to repair this problem = new starter, second hand power steering, new belt, new alternator, oil change, new battery.

question = My car started to loose power going up a hill and when i would step on the gas it would not rev up as soon as it should have. Now it doesn't want to start when i tried to start it, it's like it wanted to but wouldn't all the lights come on.

Question: I have a Buick 1996 Century it was having problems starting so i checked the battery terminal to clean it and it arched so did i blow the ignition fuse... the car will not start anymore all lights work just fine... and oh ya i cant find where the fuse for the ignition but i did find the spot where all the fuses there is a spot for fuse but no fuse but it seems weird car was starting with out the fuse.... All before i cleaned the battery terminal.

I have a 1999 Buick century that I am needing to replace the airbags and turn signal module. I have the drivers side out and I think I can replace it OK, but I cannot figure out how to replace the passengers side airbag. I have the front trim and side trim off on the passenger side and see nothing that tells me how it comes out. Please expound in detail Please help thanks.

Question We have a 2003 Century Buick. We have had a roaring sound coming from the right rear tire area, but even with tire changes, cannot seem to find the problem. What could be causing this? Part of the problem is we have no more detail. We have had the tires rotated and balanced. Tires look fine with plenty of tread. But the "roar" sound continues.

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How Things Work

Vehicle Front Suspension Operation

The front suspension has 2 primary purposes:

Isolate the driver from irregularities in the road surface.
Define the ride and handling characteristics of the vehicle.

The front suspension absorbs the impact of the tires travelling over irregular road surfaces and dissipates this energy throughout the suspension system. This process isolates the vehicle occupants from the road surface.


Common Engine Codes

Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT) Code P0112 Or P0113

The intake air temperature (IAT) sensor is a thermistor which measures the temperature of the air entering the engine. The powertrain control module (PCM) applies 5 volts through a pull up resistor. When the intake air is cold, the sensor resistance is high and the PCM will monitor a high signal voltage on the IAT sensor signal circuit.