1999 Buick Driver Information Center Not Working

The Driver information panel on my Buick is not working. Could it be a fuse or bulb?? In either of the three fuse box diagrams, I do not see a fuse listed for this center. The area where the information is listed is blank.

What year is this Park Avenue?

It is a 1999 Buick Park Avenue. My question was why is the Driver information center not working?? It does not show any information, just black blank, The speedometer and other gauges work fine. Could it be a fuse or bulb. I do not see on the fuse descriptions where there is any fuses related to this area. Any help would be appreciated as the dealership wants $89 to put the computer on it and go from there. I would hate to pay that kind of money for a fuse or anything simple. Thanks

O.K. There is no fuse or relay for just the DIC portion of the instrument panel, or the driver info switches. If nothing is working, then i would suspect a problem in the switch or the instrument panel.

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  • Guest - davheep50@gmail.com

    I got the DIC in my 04 lesabre working by gradually pushing on the glass face untill it started working. I am thinking that it was a loose connection