Front Brakes and Rotors Burning Hot

1989 S-10 Blazer 4.3L. Question: After a 10 mile drive the front rotors are burning hot. The left side is worse than the right. The calipers, pads, rotors, and rubber hose are relatively new (previous owner). I took apart the left side and the caliper easily moves out

(when applying the brakes), but when I try to compress the caliper piston with a C-Clamp it is really difficult. What do you think?

Answer: With all of these parts put on by someone else, you never can know the quality of those parts. Try loosening a caliper bleeder to see if the piston will go in. If it does, tighten it back up, then loosen the corresponding line at the master cylinder. If it compresses, then the problem is most likely in the master cylinder. If not you have a kinked or restricted pipe.

Brakes Or Tires First

I was just told I need front and rear brakes pads and rotors. As well as four new tires. I can't do all at once. What should I do first?

Answer: Well that depends on how bad each of them are. If the tires are bald, do those first. If the car won't stop, do that first.

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