Chevy Blazer Has Fuel Coming Out Exhaust

92 Chevy S10 4.3L vortec ,lealing gas from drivers side exhaust manifold. I have replaced the spider injector w/the hose`s and the feed and return lines leading to the spider injector and it still leaks gas bad.

I pulled the upper plenum like everyone said to do and I would find my gas leak and there has not been one gas leak while cycling the key yet, but thats what everyone says to do.Cant afford a garage and its the only car I have. Nows talk about a night mare , I swear I work on it in my sleep !!

Answer: If it was leaking inside the intake manifold, it would not be coming out on the inside of the engine on the drivers side exhaust. You must have a line leaking past the plastic lines in the manifold.

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