Digital Dash Going Out Again on My Blazer

1994 S-10 blazer 4dr 4wd 4.3 Vortex V6. Replaced dash cluster about a year ago with a bone yard part. Check fuses.
Work done to repair this problem = smacked the dash fairly hard with my hand. Found your web site after multiple searches and all other web sites wanting money, pretty much up front. The digital dash cluster is flaking out. the gauge portion of the cluster (gas, tach, oil press, temp)

has gone blank. for the past couple months this part of the display would go blank and come back and work. the speedometer and odometer part of the display has worked all along and continues to work. as i have replaced this display before, i'm leaning towards a ground issue. are there separate grounds to different parts of the cluster? do you know where the ground wires terminate to the frame? are these displays simply destined to fail?


Answer: These clusters are notorious for failing this way. smacking on the dash usually will cause the sections to go on and off, but not always. There is no separate ground for these sections. The fact that you got a unit from a junk yard, just means that it was time for this one to fail. If you get another this way, no telling how long it will last.


Thanks for the response, just want to be assured there was a high probability that it is the cluster and not surrounding wiring. One more question, if i may.
The climate control hot/cold cable does not give much slack when trying to remove that panel. Is the other end of this cable able to be got to and can it can be disconnected at the other end? I broke two of these climate control frames on the last swap. believe it or not, the boneyard charges more for this frame than for the dash cluster.


Ya, these things are really tight. I believe there is a location that the cable is attached in the middle, to the dash. Don't recall exactly where.

No Check Engine Light On Dash

Question: 1998 chevy blazer check engine light will not come all other lights come on but that one its a led light bulb so I know its not that somebody please help.


Answer: If you think this is a bulb problem, you would have to take out the instrument cluster and do some testing. You would need to test for power int to the cluster for the bulb, and then check ground. The computer supplies the ground. So if you have power in and a ground, then the problem is in the cluster. If no power, you need to check wiring. If no ground, check that wire or the computer is bad.

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  • Guest - Tom

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  • Guest - sam

    That cable goes to the heater core behind the glove box. It's a pain to get to. It's better to just be careful and use a small screwdriver to take the clip out. Also, these digital dashes are known to have a faulty power supply. You can order replacement power supplies/and repair kits on ebay. If it's not that, it might be the motherboard, which you can order one on ebay as well.