1999 Chevy Blazer Fuel Gauge Reads Empty

I have a 1999 GMC Jimmy and the fuel gauge is not working it stays on E the vehicle will not start, I did replace the fuel pump thinking that was the problem and the gas gauge is still not working and neither is the vehicle turning on, what is wrong with my vehicle what should the next procedure be?


Answer: First of all, be sure to check all of the fuses. I assume you looked closely at the connector for the fuel pump when you had the tank out

 Have see many problems with burned terminals. That would explain bith problems. Also, check for power on the purple wire while cranking. This is the fuel pump feed. If you have power, then you need to check the ground from that connector to the frame. A bad ground would also explain both conditions.

Blazer Cranks But Hard To Start

Problem with my 1999 Chevrolet Blazer. Engine size = 4.3
Warning lights = Check Engine.
question = car is hard to start I know its a fuel problem. You can pump and or hold down the gas pedal and it will finally crank. What could it be?


First you need to scan the codes for the check engine light. This may be related to your problem. Next, if you think this is a fuel problem, you would need to check fuel pressure. Low pressure will cause it to not start. A common cause for this problem is a bad fuel pump. If fuel pressure is good but drops, this could also be a bad pump or leaking fuel pressure regulator, or stuck open injector.

GMC Jimmy Radiator Fan Direction



Answer: Never actually noticed the word "Front" on the fan blade. It should mean toward the front of the truck. If you put it on and with the engine running the air is blowing toward the engine, then it is on correctly.

S-10 Brake Pedal Hard

1989 Chevy s-10 pickup. Question Here: stump...my son blew a line near the proportion valve on power brakes system. Replaced line. Replaced master cylinder and bleed master cyl and system. The pedal is hard, but when you start the engine the pedal goes to the floor but i do get some stopping power. What could this be. Need help.


Answer: A hard brake pedal with the engine not running is normal because no vacuum in the booster. Starting truck and pedal goes to the floor- vacuum in booster now, but still air in the system. Bleed all the brakes again. In this order- Rt. rear, left rear, right front, left front. Check again, then bleed again. There is air in the system.


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  • Guest - Debra Klann

    Hi, I own a 1999 GMC Jimmy 4×4 4.3 vortec. I've only had it for 2 months. I knew it needed a new battery so I bought one. It was hard to start but did start. So now it's cranking over but wont start. I'm thing of starting with the easiest and cheapest way to troubleshoot it by replacing the fuel filter and then clean the throttle body and fuel injectors. I have worked cars and trucks for years and I've learned a lot. Also my gas gauge doesn't work so I go by mileage.And I do know the ground wire to the fuel pump is not grounded. So that's a new one for me. And I'm thinking maybe I don't have the fuel I thought I had because as soon as I put gas in the pump would stop so I pulled the pump out and at least put $11.00 into the tank. So maybe I'm just plain out of gas. Any I would appreciate any imput. Thanks......

  • Guest - Doug

    hello have a 1999 gmc jimmy 4x4 4door 4.3 engine wont start. cranks but wont start.135k on it.Dont hear the fuel pump running poured gas down intake still wont start.thanks for your help.

  • Guest - wendi

    The fuel gauge stopped working on my 1998 Blazer. Someone took the fuse box apart under my hood and then when they reconnected it my gas gauge stopped working and my heat meter as well. How do I fix it?

  • Guest - wendi

    In reply to: Guest - wendi

    I have checked all the fuses.

  • Guest - Mark

    In reply to: Guest - wendi

    You are going to have to take the fuse box back apart and fix whatever the guy screwed up.