Chevy Blazer Hard To Start Cold

Question: Why is my 1993 Chevy Blazer S 10 4.3 v6 hard starting when cool/cold? I have changed the oxygen sensor, coolant temp. sensor, cleaned injector, checked fuel pump psi.


Answer: You said you checked it, but did not tell us what the fuel pressure was. Make sure it is at least 55 PSI. Even 1 or 2 lbs. less, then the truck will be hard to start cold. This 4.3L engine in your Chevy is like like that.

Assuming that is fine, check that the throttle is not full of carbon. Buildup on the blade, bore or IAC valve will make it hard to start.

Another possible problem is that the fuel pressure regulator is leaking. Check that by putting your fuel gauge on it, turn the key on for 5 seconds to let the system prime, then watch the gauge for about a half hour. If the pressure falls, you could have a leaking regulator. Also, smell the oil to see if you smell gas.

I would also take a fuel sample. Put some in a clear jar and let set for a few minutes. If it shows any sign of separating, your gas is contaminated.

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  • Guest - mickki

    My 98 Chevy Blazer driver side door its not lining up and will not close I really don't know much but I'm needing to get it fixed I'm setting have bungee cords on it and holding my arms through the two holes to keep it shut while driving is there wasn't anyone who could tell me how to fix this problem thanks

  • In reply to: Guest - mickki

    Sounds like the upper and lower hinge pins and bushings are worn out on your Chevy Blazer. When this happens the door sags and the latch will not line up with the striker on the body, so the door will not close.