1999 Camaro Check Engine Light And Limp Home Mode

1999 Chevrolet Camaro. It go's into limp mode when engine light DTC P1515 comes on. The gas pedal stops working and it tries to kill me. It does it on the highway, it's intermittent and dealer can't fix, unless it's doing it when they have it. Sometimes P1516 comes up. You have to pull over and turn off so it can reset. Its been 5 years.

Answer: Check engine light code P1515 is for the electronic throttle actuator position performance. Basically a problem with the electronic throttle system. Could be a throttle body on the engine, the accelerator pedal itself, the PCM or any of the wiring in between. The dealer is correct, only way to narrow it down is to catch it when it is acting up.

Camaro Has No Check Engine Light

Question: Have an 98 Camaro in the shop fixed the ign cyl. car started and ran no SES light on dash tho. i installed a bulb and now no start condition exists.

Answer: Wow, that is a strange one. I cant see how installing a burned out engine light bulb would make the car not start. Does the engine light come on now with the new bulb in? Try taking it out and see if the car starts just to make sure it is not just a coincidence and there is something else wrong.

If it does now start after removing the bulb, the only thing i can think of is that there is a short internally in the PCM and completing the check engine light circuit causes a problem in the computer to cause it to not start.

2017 Chevy Camaro Transmission Fluid Level Check

Why is my 2017 Camaro 2.0 turbo showing on the dash that the transmission fluid is low? Its not leaking and from what I hear, there isn't even a dip stick to check the fluid. I only have 6200 miles on it.

Answer: The fluid level is either low, or the sensor is faulty. No, there is no dipstick. You check fluid level from under the car. You remove a certain bolt, and if fluid just barely starts to run out, it is full. Best left up to a mechanic, so he removes the correct bolt to check the fluid level.

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  • Guest - mocolo

    Limp home mode reseting after gearbox repairs, stuck on 3rd gear.

  • Guest - stanley5

    In reply to: Guest - mocolo

    Limp home mode reseting after gearbox repairs, stuck on 3rd gear
    <br />Replacing gear box should have nothing to do with your problem. Unless a wiring harness was disturbed or a fuse blown.