1989 Chevy Camaro Fuel Pump Runs For 20 Seconds

1989 Chevy Camaro. Engine size = 5.0 tbi. Warning lights: service engine soon. Computer codes :15,21,22,23,34,42 all at once.
Repairs: tried a different fuel pump but it runs 20 plus seconds as well.
Question = when key is turned on the security light does not come on. code read was VATS system. It wasn't reading my chip in my key

. i've had problems with these ignitions before so i got the identical computer out of another Camaro without the vats system. i got it to start but it would only idle. if i gave it any kind of gas it just bogs out like its starving for fuel.plus all of the codes popped up.i tried a different map sensor but that did nothing.plus when i turn my key on the fuel pump runs for about 20 seconds and then i try starting it. i have to do this several times until it starts but only to idle. help me please!!!!!

Trying to remember way back for these codes, they are for the map sensor, throttle position sensor, coolant temp sensor, and electronic spark control. It sounds like all of these codes were not there until you replaced the ECM. If this replacement computer does not have the VATS system, then it is not the exact same computer. That is most likely the reason for all these codes. Or maybe you did not switch the PROM chip. Your car should have a separate module for the theft system.

If the security light does not come on the dash, this module could be bad. That would explain why neither computer works correctly and the car won't run. The fuel pump only running for 20 seconds does not even sound like a security problem. Especially since the car will idle. This would normally shut the car off after two or 3 seconds. I would put the original computer back in and then look at the ground circuit for the fuel pump. If you have a poor ground that may cause the pump to quit after the time you say. Also the fuel pump relay may be weak and shutting off power to the pump.

Camaro Won't Pass Emissions

84 Chevy Camaro carbureted, won't pass emissions. HCs are high, if I pull 2 of the 4 hoses off of the CCV will this lower the HCs? I know it will run a little rough, just has to get me through. If this will work I will take the hoses off just down the street. Either that or go with gallon of gas and gallon of dry gas, LOL. although I know that should work.

Answer: That might work, although it will be running so lean because of the vacuum leak it still may not pass the emissions test. Also, when you take a retest, you have to show you spent some money trying to fix it.

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