Replaced Camaro Heater Hoses and Belt Falls Off

2001 Chevy Camaro 85,000 miles. Engine Size : 3.8
Question: Looking to replace the heater hoses. These hose's are made as one assembly with aluminum pipes connecting them together with a crimped coupler. Also two of the hose which connect to the belt tensioner have a unique end connecter.

Can I buy replacement hose's and connect them to the existing pipes or do I need to replace the complete heater hose assembly? Also, this problem has to do with the serpentine belt coming off the pulleys. The issue only occurs at the time when its raining or wet out be it a light rain or heavy down pour the belt will come off. Any other time when it is dry out I do not have any concerns. What could be the possible problems?

Answer: Your best bet is to visit your local GM dealer and purchase original quality replacement parts. You would get the proper hoses there, and the fittings you mention are 'quick disconnect' fittings which would come with the hoses if you purchased them completely. I wouldn't recommend piecing the hoses together with just general heater hose, as the factory units are pre-formed. You'd have a hard time getting the bends correct without that. As for the belt coming off when it's wet, you either have the wrong belt on the car, or you have a bad tensioner, or broken pulley. Usually under no circumstances does a belt normally come off- dry or wet.

Camaro A/C Hot Drivers Side Vents

I have a 2011 Chevy Camaro and the a/c blows cold on the passenger side and hot on the driver side. It's not a dual control system. I took it into a mechanic and he evacuated the system and replaced the Freon to normal levels but I still have the same issue. Any idea why it would be doing this? I'm trying to avoid any expensive repairs. I also should mention that before I took it into a mechanic I tried adding R134 myself using the A/C Pro brand. Could that have caused damage to the compressor?

Answer: First off, no using that kit from the parts store would not have caused any damage. If the temp coming from the drivers side vents cannot be changed at all when changing the temperature controls, then it sounds like the door for that side is broken. Even though it is not a dual zone system, there is still a door that controls air temperature.

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