Multiple Warning Lights and Radio Problems

2000 Chevy Cavalier. Theft light, Service engine light and sometimes check gauges... On the radio says local

Question = When i turn my key on sometimes the theft light, service engine, check gauges light comes on.. The radio also says local. I turn the key off and turn it back on and sometimes its OK

and other times i comes back on and i have to turn back off and then back on and it might be good.. Sometimes it takes a few times doing this.. Please help me with this problem. Thanks.



Answer: When this happens, does the car start Have any codes been scanned from any computers?

Chevy Cavalier Many Dash Lights

2000 Chevy Cavalier. Question = while driving the fuel gauge, speedometer, engine temp. shuts down. they go on and off. If off while car is in park it won't let you shift into gear. Car seems to run fine?


Answer: Sounds like a possible voltage problem. Loss of voltage to a particular circuit would cause the dash to shut down, and the shifter problem. Also possibly a Body Control Module (BCM) problem. The BCM send gauge data to the instrument cluster. Check the negative battery cable attached to the lower battery tray. Wiggle some harnesses under the dash. Use a volt meter on a few of the fuses when the car is acting up to see if voltage is lower than 12 volts. If it low on several fuses, then would need a schematic to find the wire in common that feeds those fuses.


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  • Guest - Jim Hauser

    Have same instrument cluster problem. Problem only occurs if the radio is turned ON. Could the radio security be shutting down the gauges?

  • Guest - Tom

    Sounds lie you are describing an oil warning light. Check the engine oil level. if that is OK, have oil pressure checked.

  • Guest - paula wiser

    I keep having a light come on and off looks like a teapot with a drip symbol on 2000 cavalier

  • Guest - linda

    I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer and when I'm driving it the engine light goes on. Also, the stablizer light goes on and there is reduced engine power. This has happened a few times and when I took it to the dealership. They couldn't find the problem.

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - linda

    With these lights on the dash, there should be codes stored in the computer. These are the key to diagnosis. Several different engine codes will disable the stability control system and cause a reduced power message. A common cause is a problem in the electronic Throttle Actuator Control system (TAC).

  • Guest - Tech

    OK. Auto parts stores can only scan the Powertrain computer. That is where codes would be stored when a check engine light is on, but not the other lights. Still, should have a code in the powertrain computer because the check engine light is on.<br />This, and the other lights and radio problem, lead me to that this is possibly a Body Control Module (BCM) problem. The BCM controls some dash indicators as well as the radio theft. That may be why the radio says ERROR.<br />But, could also be an ignition switch problem. The ignition switch supplies power to many of the cars systems. If it had a problem and was not supplying the BCM with the proper voltage, this would cause the BCM to not function properly.

  • Guest - Sue

    In reply to: Guest - Tech

    Thanks for that info Tech. <br />Very helpful !.

  • Guest - Tom

    It happens once you start the car and the lights stay on and the car continues to run.. It did it again today and this time the radio says error on the screen. Took it to advanced auto parts and nothing came up at the time. The car would not do it when I took it there.