2003 Impala Overheating - Intake Gaskets Replaced

2003 Chevrolet Impala. Engine Size : 3400 Question: overheating., have changed water pump, thermostat,intake gasket, and radiator please help. Need a solution.....

Answer: Looks like you've covered just about everything there is, except the big one. Basically, the only thing left would be a blown cylinder head gasket. Have seen this many times on the 3400 engines over the years. Usually it's just the back cylinder head,

 but if you have a lot of miles on the car, or cannot exactly diagnose which head gasket is leaking, you should replace both head gaskets. If you see a constant stream of bubbles in the coolant, with the car running and radiator cap removed, you know for sure that compression is getting into the cooling system via a blown head gasket. If you've done the other work yourself, doing head gaskets really isn't that much more involved. Do NOT re-use the old head bolts. You need new head bolts, and there is a special procedure for tightening them, including a final angle sequence. The exact spec is 44 ft. lbs. on a first pass, then a final pass of 95 degrees. You need a special torque angle meter to complete that procedure.

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  • Guest - andre

    impala owners dont forget if you change lower intake and replace water pump , thermostat , temp sensor , thinking your car gonna run cool, your still forgetting to bleed the air out of the cooling system to complete the job, if you dont bleed the air out your car is gonna over heat. BLEED THE AIR OUT it happened to me.