2003 Chevy Impala Oil filter Gasket Blew Out

My 2003 Chevy Impala blew oil filter seal. 3400 V6. No work done. car was working perfect.
Changed filter. dropped base pan and looked at oil pump. The oil filter seal blew out. replaced filter and the same thing happened. last oil change was 5000kms ago.seems to be building pressure. seal blows out in about 8 to 10 seconds.


Answer: Sounds like the pickup screen is plugged, or the pressure relief valve is stuck.
If the screen becomes clogged, oil may be drawn into the system through the oil pressure relief valve in the oil filter adapter. Oil is drawn into the pump through the screen and pipe assembly, and a passage in the crankcase, connecting to the passages in the engine front cover. Oil is discharged from the oil pump to the oil filter adapter. The oil filter adapter consists of an oil filter bypass valve and a nipple for installation of an oil filter. The spring-loaded oil pressure relief valve, located in the engine front cover, limits the oil pressure. The oil filter bypass valve opens when the oil filter is restricted to approximately 68.95 kPa (10 psi) of pressure difference between the oil filter inlet and discharge. The oil will then bypass the oil filter and channel unfiltered oil directly to the main oil galleries of the engine.

Full pressure lubrication, through a full flow oil filter, is furnished by a gear type oil pump. The oil is drawn up through the pickup screen and the tube. The oil passes through the pump to the oil filter.

The oil filter is a full flow paper element unit. An oil filter bypass is used in order to ensure oil supply during the following conditions:

On a cold start
If the filter is plugged
If the filter develops excessive pressure drop

The bypass is designed to open at 69-83 kPa (10-12 psi).


A priority oil delivery system supplies oil first to the crankshaft journals. The oil from the crankshaft main bearings is supplied to the connecting rod bearings by intersecting the passages drilled in the crankshaft. The passages supply the oil to the crankshaft main bearings and the camshaft bearings through the intersecting vertical drilled holes. The oil passages from the camshaft journals supply oil to the hydraulic lifters.


The hydraulic lifters pump oil up through the push rods to the rocker arms. The cast dams in the crankcase casting direct the oil that drains back from the rocker arms in order to supply the camshaft lobes. The camshaft chain drive is lubricated by indirect oil splash.


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