1989 S-10 Blazer Hard to Start Then Smoking

1989 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Engine Size : 4.3 Question: The problem with my car started the about 2 days ago, or at least that's when we noticed it. My husband started it and it immediately died. He started it again, gave it a little gas, and it was fine for the rest of the day. Last night it sounded like it was struggling to start, but it did start and i made it to the store.

When leaving, it at first wouldn't start, even when giving it gas. It just sounded like it was trying to turn over. I tried the same thing again. It started and again it died. I tried one more time, gave it gas after it started and got home. Today it broke down while my husband was on his way to work. He said it was smoking.

Answer: While I was reading about the problem on your Chevy, my first thought was a bad fuel pump. When a pump is starting to go out, it makes the truck hard to start. Then eventually it will stall and not restart. But then i got to the part about it smoking. A fuel pump would not make sense for that part. With the age and most likely high miles, there could any number of issues with this truck. You are going to have to have a mechanic look at it. I would not even want to make a guess.

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