How to Set 2005 Chevy Colorado Wiper Blades

2005 Chevy Colorado 4x4. Engine Size : 3.5 Question: I've purchased a replacement wiper motor for this truck. The blades do not set properly. They no longer lay down. They now set about 6 inches from the base. No one seems to know how to set the wiper blades properly. Please let me know how to do this.

Answer: Some of the later model vehicles have a timing procedure to get the wiper blades to park in the correct position, but yours is a relatively simple process. First remove the wiper arms completely off the vehicle. Then turn the key on and run the wipers as if they were still attached a couple times. Turn the wipers off, let the motor park, then turn the key off. Reinstall the wiper arms in the correct position at the bottom of the glass in the 'parked' position. Turn the key back on and run the wipers. They should be parking normally now. If they do not park right, then you have a problem other than the motor. Usually chaffed or broken wiring to the wiper motor will cause a signal loss and the motor won't know where to park.

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