2000 GMC Sierra Won't Shift Into Any Gear

2000 GMC 1500 2wd truck. Engine Size : 4.3 lt Question: transmission will not shift into drive and overdrive checked fluid OK i think a shift solenoid tranny is a 4L60-E tell me what else to check there is a check engine lite on do not code for transmission valve or shift solenoid answer my question please.

Transmission model a 4L60-E will not shift into drive and over drive. Transmission fluid is up check engine light is on but have not plugged in code reader yet do not know what the code is Thinking possibly shift solenoid Please send diagram of valve body indicating which solenoid to change Also what is code number pertaining to this problem.

Answer: There is no solenoid that will prevent the transmission from going into any forward gear. Shift solenoids control shift 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and downshifts. You need to get a scan done on the computer to see what code(s) is set. If it will not go into a forward gear, but will go into reverse, then you have an internal failure such as a valve stuck in the valve body, broken sprag, drum, sunshell, etc. You need to take the trans out and disassemble and look for what has failed.

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  • Guest - Grant

    Trans stuck un a forward gear looks like the cable is shifting is there a solenoid I can replace or is it shot

  • Guest - Rick Dlubsk

    Installed tranny in my 2000 4x4 Sierra. We checked all fluids truck will not move forward or backward. Can hear shifter clicking from park to reverse to drive does not move.

  • Guest - mark rogers

    In reply to: Guest - Rick Dlubsk

    have a 93 gmc pickup will not go into r or d you can push it in n

  • Guest - Dan Harvey

    Did you ever figure your trany prob out ? I have a 2000 gmc Sierra doin the same thing has no gears forward or reverse. Just went while driving fluid clean filter. Almost seems like something electronic.

  • Guest - Jake

    In reply to: Guest - Dan Harvey

    Ya, Dan. The trans had to come out. It was burned up. They did a rebuild on my transmission.