Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Truck Repair Help

1996 Chev Regular CabEngine Size : 305 Vortec.

Question: I replaced the Switch assembly. If I put the hazard lights on the fuse blows and the right turn signal the fuse blows. Why is this happening and how to solve the problem.

Answer: You could have a short circuit in the wiring somewhere. You'd have to trace the entire circuit and look for a rubbed through or chaffed wire that could be

2006 Duramax diesel GMC Sierra 35000. 6.6L. Question: no hi end power hard starting power drainage sometimes over night.

Answer: Hard to pinpoint an exact problem without a little more detail, but it seems like you might have a couple different issues going on. With the hard starting and no high end power, you could have something as simple as a clogged fuel filter, or air filter. You could also

2002 GMC Sierra. Question : truck was running to warm started went in house came out 5 min latter truck was not running. tried to start it wood not go spit and sputters. So i though it was froze up. towed home put in warm garage over night. Tried to start the next morn. no go same as before. Yes i put gas line antifreeze and its called Heet water remover still the same spit and sputter. Unhooked fuel line and turned key but no fuel coming out checked fuses there fine i think swap out the

2002 GMC sierra sle 1500. 4800 Vortec V8
Question: starter tries to engaged while vehicle is running , already replaced starter and starter relay. thank you for your help its greatly appreciated.

Answer: Something is powering up the wire to the solenoid that engages the starter. You could have a short circuit somewhere in that harness that is allowing power to get on that wire. That would require

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