2004 GMC Yukon ABS Codes C0265 C0298

2004 GMC Yukon  SLT.Warning lights: ABS Codes CO265 and CO298. Brought it to my mechanic and got a computer scan read out.


Question: My mechanic got these two codes CO265 & CO298. Can you tell me what these codes mean? I know it something to do with my ABS.
Thanks, Julie.

Answer: Hello Julie. ABS code C0265 is a problem with the power feed or ground for the ABS module(EBCM). Code C0298 is a problem in the EBCM requested torque signal circuit to the PCM(Powertrain Computer). This can also be a ground problem. With the fact that both these codes have a ground circuit in common, that would be the first thing to have checked. The ground for the EBCM is located on the left side of the frame under the truck.

Just about right under the drivers seat- on the frame of the truck. Have that bolt that holds that ground on removed, cleaned and re-installed. Then clear the codes. If the code returns, then the EBCM itself may be faulty. Some testing of the power and ground circuits would be needed to be done before just having the EBCM replaced, since it is a very expensive item. But if the wiring, grounds and power feed circuits are OK, the problem is most likely that ABS module.

Yukon ABS Moddule Location

2004 Yukon
Question: how to replace ABS module (EBCM) located on frame under driver seat location. codes reading co 265 & co 298 2004 GMC Yukon.

Answer: You need to remove the bolts that hold the bracket for the EBCM and BPMV to the frame. You do NOT need to disconnect any brake lines at all to do this job. Once the unit is loose from the frame, disconnect the wiring connectors to the EBCM. You can pull down on it a bit and see there are 4 small Torx bolts that hold the EBCM to the modulator valve. These may have some rust built up on them, so be careful removing them.

The new EBCM should come with new bolts if you bought a GM part. If not, reuse the old ones. Separate the EBCM from the BPMV by lifting upwards. Clean the sealing area with a rag and install the new EBCM. Install and tighten the 4 Torx bolts and then re-attach the whole unit back to the frame. It should be good to go, but may require programming. Be sure to clear any codes before driving.

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  • Guest - Cindy

    My 2004 GMC Yukon had the following codes pop up: PO135, PO141, PO155, PO161, PO200, PO230, PO443, P1637, PO654, PO650. What does this mean?

  • Guest - Jake

    In reply to: Guest - Cindy

    These are all engine codes because of the P before the numbers. You have codes for Electronic Throttle, O2 sensor, transmission and internal PCM. See this link for code lists... https://www.justautorepair.com/obd-computer-codes-list/pcm-dtc

  • Guest - johnny

    i have a 2005 yukon with code c0292 lost communication with engine control system can anyone help

  • Guest - jr

    My 2003 gmc yukon is poping up a p0306 n its not my ignition coil and its not the spark plugs or cables anybody that can help will be gadly appreciated

  • In reply to: Guest - jr

    Code P0306 misfire on cylinder 6. If the spark plugs, plug wire and ignition coil are good, the only thing left is a bad or plugged fuel injector, or an engine mechanical problem with that cylinder.

  • Guest - kathy

    How do i fix this ABS code C0265 is a problem with the power feed or ground for the ABS module(EBCM)

  • In reply to: Guest - kathy

    Read the whole article above to repair your ABS problem.