Changed 2002 Chevy Venture Brakes and Wheel Bearing- Still Have ABS Light

2002 Chevy Venture LS Question: hello, my ABS light goes off and on while i drive, what does the mean? I have already changes the brakes and wheel bearings what should i do? My battery light also comes on

and i already replaced the battery is there something else i can do? Thank you for your help.

Answer: You would have to see what code the ABS system set to determine which wheel, or component is causing the problem. It could be a wiring problem, where a wire in the ABS harness is open or shorted, or even a bad control module such as the EBCM. A scanner would come in handy in helping diagnose the problem. As for the battery light, you could have a charging problem like a faulty alternator. Also, wiring in that system could be bad somewhere. Both of these problems really need to be checked out by a technician, since there are multiple things that can do this. You could have one common thing causing both issues, such as wiring, or both problems could have separate causes. Lots of possibilities, and would need to be looked at to determine.

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