Smell Gas Leak on 1999 Chevy Venture Van | Radio LOC

1999 Chevy Venture 3.4L V6. New fuel pump checked all connections on top of tank and lines to engine and vapor recovery system. My 1999 Chevy Venture 160,000, new heads, head gaskets  intake gaskets, at 150,000, van runs great,while engine is running checked all fuel lines from tank to regulator,

to injectors don't see any obvious leaks, what I'm getting is a smell of raw gas inside the vehicle when it is on outside air, defrost, when you switch to inside air smell goes away, more smell when van is at stop, checked engine thoroughly can't find source of raw gas fumes, wondering if it might be vapor canister purge valve, where is purge valve located, no codes, no smell with a.c. on, could it be this purge valve not releasing vapors or canister under van clogged??????? been driving Chevy's since 1974 this one has me stumped. Bring back the carb then I'll be able to fix it! !asked a few trusting mechanics , they say it must be gas leak, don't want to get raked at dealership, please any ideas???

Answer: The EVAP purge valve is located on the back of the motor. Below the rear cover. A more likely cause than the purge valve is a leaking fuel injector O' ring. Since you had a lot of work done, i would suspect that. When they leak, the fuel would pool on top of the lower intake manifold and can be very hard to see on this van. A leak under the hood would explain why only smell gas with A/C on fresh air, and more so when van not moving. If the vapor canister was full of gas (which i have seen a few times), you would not smell it much inside. You would smell it more standing outside the van, and it would have check engine light codes for misfire or oxygen sensor codes for a rich condition, since the engine would be getting too much fuel.

Chevy Venture Radio Says LOC

i just bought a used 2004 Chevy Venture and when i got it the radio says locked. how do i get it unlocked? please help. i appreciate it.

On this and newer year vehicles, the radio must be setup with the dealer scanner. The radio needs to learn the vehicles VIN #, country code, chime level etc. Expect to pay 1 hour labor for this. This newer radio does not use the similar system as on older vehicles where you can put in a radio unlock code.

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  • Guest - Tech

    Should not set a code because leaking. It would have to be spraying out to cause that injector to be lean of fuel and give a check engine light for a misfire. If is an O' ring, I would do them them all.<br />The fact that it does not smell like gas all the time may be because of a faulty evap purge solenoid, or the canister is full, since the purge draws vapor from the canister.


    In reply to: Guest - Tech

    I can see gas running out, but can't find the gas line. Where is it?

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - BOB DRUMMONDS

    Where is the gas running out? In the engine compartment, under the van, front or rear?

  • Guest - Jack

    Thanks for advice. Would a leaking injector O'ring cause it to set a code due to lack of fuel to that injector, or would it be not enough to set code? Also, when you smell fumes inside van, I check under hood but never seem to smell the fumes coming off motor? I would hate to have to take top phelm intake off to get to the injector rack. Also, I guess the leaking injector would be wet or would it be best to replace all injector O'rings? What is really that crazy smell that is not there all the time, just about 30% of the time?