2004 Chevy Venture Engine Hesitation on Acceleration

2004 Venture with 3.4 exhibits hesitation (stumbling, like fuel starvation) on acceleration.  Will pretty much go away after 3 to 4 miles of driving.  Subsequent restarts will produce the same problem, but it goes away more quickly than a "cold" start up.

Have put on a fuel filter with no apparent improvement.  Approx. 1 year ago put on a new fuel pump / fuel gauge unit.

Answer:  There could be several causes for this...

  • Leaking fuel pressure regulator. When they fail, fuel leaks into its vacuum line and causes a rich condition, and will cause misfire, hesitation, stumbling, etc.
  • Faulty spark plugs, wires or plugs, or corroded ignition coils.
  • Restricted fuel injectors.
  • Low fuel pressure.

May need to have the codes scanned if the check engine light ever came on, fuel pressure checked, etc. You could spry the spark plug wires with a water spray bottle to see if you can cause it run bad.

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