1992 Plymouth Voyager Wont Start When Gets Hot

1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager Engine Size : 3.3l
Question: I can drive 10 miles or 300 miles and my van won't restart for about 15 to 30 minutes or when it cools down. The temp never goes over half way. I have put on a new ignition coil pack and a new fuel pressure regulator, what do I do next. Thanks and GOD BLESS.

Answer: Assuming you mean your Plymouth cranks and wont start, with the age and probable high miles on your Van, this could be a fuel pressure problem. Low fuel pressure can be caused by a plugged filter or failing fuel pump. Another possibility is carbon buildup in the throttle body bore and plate. Also this carbon could be on the idle air control valve. I would start with a good cleaning service of these items. There could also be a bad sensor. A crankshaft position sensor, MAP sensor, mass airflow or any number of others. A scan of the computer for any stored trouble codes would be the next step. If the engine does NOT crank, then I would suspect a bad starter. They can cause problems when they get old on a hot engine.

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