F-150 Door Wont Open

I have a rear 1/2 door jammed on f-150 supercab.top latch releases but bottom wont. it was closed real hard.

Answer: You are going to have to get the other latch released. Sometimes you can pound on the outside of the door in the area of the latch while working the handle to try to get it released. Try it several times and you might get lucky. If that does not work, then the other way is to go inside the truck and remove the inner door panel so you can access the latch and try to free it up or actually break it so it will release. Many times the door panel will break while trying to get it off, but sometimes you don't have a choice.

F-150 Lights Keep Going On

Question: Have f150 2010 super crew truck is parked, locked, every 10 minutes parking lights interior lights come on for 30 sec repeat.

Answer: Sounds like an alarm problem. Sounds like theft has been activated. If you have a non-factory alarm or remote start, have that disabled. That could be your problem. If you have not owned the truck since new, there could be a system on it without you even knowing it that was disconnected at one time, but there is still a module and relays that can be causing your lighting problem. If not, the truck might have a problem in one of the modules that controls the lights.

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