White Smoke From Defroster Vent- AC On

While driving my car with ac on I noticed a white smoke or vapors coming from the defroster. I turned off the ac but the smoke continues to come out.

Answer: You could have a Freon leak. Use the defrosters for a while to see if it stops. If it does, then all of the freon has leaked out and the A/C will not blow cold anymore. The leaking part is called the evaporator. It is located inside the dash of your Ford. This is a big job to replace and can be very expensive.

If the vapor continues, then it could just be that the A/C is working very well and you are in a very high humidly environment. I have seen this several times. There is really nothing you can do to stop this, but at least you know your air conditioning is blowing VERY cold !

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