How to clean the throttle body bore and plate of carbon from expert auto mechanics. Carbon build up can cause problem with the engine in your car or truck. Problems include unstable idle, stalling or dying out, surging or check engine light. It just takes a few minutes to do this simple repair.



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  • Guest - enrique

    What if after i cleaned the throttle. Rpm is now 1500 instead of 750. What went wrong

  • Guest - Bob

    In reply to: Guest - enrique

    Well, nothing went wrong. On some newer vehicles, the cleaning of the throttle makes such a drastic change that the computer needs to relearn the minimum idle position of the throttle. Usually a few times on and off the highway, then letting it idle for 2 minutes, shutting key off for one minute will do the trick. Or disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. In extreme cases, the computer will need a reprogram. This must be doine at the dealer.