How do Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships work

How do Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships work?

‘Buy Here Pay Here’ is when a dealership loans credit to an individual who may not have the means to obtain credit through traditional means. The loan is to purchase an automobile. With this type of loan, the dealership secures the loan themselves. This means that the dealership doesn’t seek money from outside sources for an individual to purchase an automobile. Instead, individuals are borrowing money directly from dealerships and paying them directly, hence the phrase ‘Buy Here Pay Here’.

Those in the market to purchase an automobile should consider the Buy Here Pay Here option. It has several benefits. If a buyer has bad credit or has issues getting credit, the dealership can make a more personalized, informed decision on whether to offer credit to them. Where a bank will simply refuse credit based on a person’s credit score, a Buy Here Pay Here dealership can take other factors into account, such as whether they have the means to repay a loan.

Once a buyer knows how much they are approved for, the dealer can assist them in finding a car in that price range. Credit-challenged individuals can be approved for loans for used cars and by making on-time payments can start rebuilding their credit.

It rarely matters what your credit score is; the dealership can work with you and get you into the car you sorely need. By taking advantage of Buy Here Pay Here you know exactly who to pay and a trusting relation will build between you and the dealership.

Repayments are Easy

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships can make concessions for individuals so that they can get an immediate loan instead of waiting to be approved by a bank or another third party. The dealership has versatile options on the terms of the repayments that most people find flexible, such as the length of the loan and frequency of payment (weekly or bi-weekly). The reason the dealership has so much adaptability is that they hold the loan.

Reliable Transportation

Purchasing from a Buy Here Pay Here lot helps individuals with low or poor credit obtain safe and reliable transportation. This is important as it helps those who have recently started a new job to get a car.

Reputable dealers will not sell you a poor car as they need you to want to make the repayments. Not only will individuals be able to obtain a vehicle, but they will be in a reliable one that can be depended upon.

Flexible Down Payments

Some Buy Here Pay Here dealerships will take an older car as part of a down payment. This helps reduce the amount of cash an individual will have to come up with out of pocket, making it easier to obtain a new vehicle. Call to verify if the specific dealership you want to go to is willing to accept trade-ins for down payments.


Most Buy Here Pay Here lots will have a warranty on any car you purchase in addition to any manufacturer warranty that may still be in effect. This will further ensure that you have reliable transportation regardless of your credit score.


How does a Buy Here Pay Here Work? Buy Here Pay Here dealerships assist individuals in rebuilding their credit or establishing credit for the first time, provide reliable and safe transportation, and keep the loan in-house so individuals know exactly who they are dealing with when payments are made. Dealerships report to the credit bureaus to help with credit ratings and this, in turn, will lead to lower interest rates in the future for individuals that pay on their loans on time.

The Buy Here Pay Here process is usually a quick and painless process. Most Buy Here Pay Here dealerships will take care of the whole process for you from start to finish. This includes getting your credit score, filling out the loan application with you, and letting you know what amount you have been approved for. It is a lot simpler than trying to get a car loan from a bank and can be completed within a short time. Doing everything under one roof is the future of automotive purchasing.

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