How to check for blown fuses when you have an electrical problem on car or truck. This is the first thing that should be done. An inexpensive test light is all that is need. Just connect the wire lead from the tester to a good ground, and probe the fuse terminals. Be sure that the key is on the ON position. It is a good idea to check ALL fuses when your vehicle has an electrical problem, especially on today's never cars and trucks. This is because many systems are powered by multiple fuses, and they can even be in different fuse blocks. Also, you can have a blown fuse in one circuit, and it can effect another totally different system. So again, I stress to get in the habit of checking ALL fuses. Believe me, it will save a headache some day !

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  • Guest - Gaylord White

    how to install a battery

  • Guest - Gaylord White

    I can not find the battery for a 2002 Seville

  • Guest - Dustin lacey

    Change survival vehicles running fine the backfired died now it has crank but wont start