03 Hyundai Accent jerks and sputters

Have an 03 Hyundai Accent, from a stop the car jerks and sputters, now car starts fine when engine is cold but as soon as engine gets to normal temp it dies and won't start til engine is cold. There are no error codes, have replaced gas cap, wires and plugs and fuel filter. Please help.

Answer: The next thing you need to do on your Hyundai is check for proper fuel pr6essure. Your car may have a fuel pump going bad. This would show up as low fuel pressure when running, or no pressure when it won't start.

Another possible cause is an ignition problem. Plugs and wires are common, but you already replaced those. You could have an ignition module or coil going bad. You would need to test for spark on all spark plugs when it is not starting.

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