1999 Toyota Camry Overheating and Adding Water

1999 Toyota Camry
Question Here: On Thursday i put water on the car because it was low. on that same day i turned the air conditioning on but i had to turn it off because the car began to heat up.

 I checked the car and was surprised to see that it ran out of water. On Friday i went out again and the car was fine in the morning but in the afternoon it began to heat up insane. In the thermometer it was above hot. I let it cool and put more water n tried driving when it stopped heating but the same problem occurred it was heating up n needed more water. i literally had to fill up my gallon 2 times for the car. oh and i forgot to mention the fans don't work at all and they went on and off. The smoke came out from the radiator n if u were to put water as it is hot water pops out back. What could be my problem.

Answer: With the amount of water / coolant you are adding, your Toyota has a large leak or it is burning it internally. You should not keep adding just water, it needs coolant also. It needs to be filled up an ran, then check for external leaks. A pressure test is the best way, but with this much lose, it should be obvious to see the leak. The fact that it has no heat from the heater is because there is no coolant in the engine. If there is no leak seen, it may be burning internally from something like a head gasket problem or crack in a cylinder head or block.

It may be that the original leak / loss of antifreeze has caused even more damage since the car has overheated several times. You may now have significant engine damage. The fans not working might also be the original problem causing the engine to overheat and the antifreeze to boil out, causing more damage.

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