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Serpentine Belt Pictures Diagrams

How to replace the drive belt on my car. Pictures and diagrams of serpentine belt routing.

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Pictures of Pontiac Vehicles. From the Grand Am to the Firebird and G6.

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Pictures of Oldsmobile car and SUV models. Click on image for a larger view.

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Dash Warning Light Symbol Descriptions

Pictures and descriptions of some common dash warnings.

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Click on the pictures of these Saturn vehicles for a large and detailed view.

Indy Car And Track Pictures

Pictures of Indy Cars and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Dragstrip - Route 66 NMRA Joliet Illinois 2010

Pictures and videos of Route 66 dragstrip NMRA qualifying day July 17, 2010.

Car Maintenance And Repair Videos

Learn some basic auto repair and maintenance procedures.

Pictures of Buick Vehicles

 View free pictures of Buick Cars and SUV's. Click on image for larger view.

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How Things Work

Traction Control Light- What Does It Mean

When wheel slip is noted while the brake is not applied, the ABS Computer-(EBCM) will enter traction control mode.

First, the EBCM requests the PCM to reduce the amount of torque to the drive wheels via the requested torque signal circuit. The PCM reduces torque to the drive wheels by retarding spark timing and turning off fuel injectors. The PCM reports the amount torque delivered to the drive wheels via the delivered torque signal circuit.


Common Engine Codes

P0128 Coolant Temp Below Themostat Threshold

An engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor monitors the temperature of the coolant. This input is used by the powertrain control module (PCM) for engine control and as an enabling criteria for some diagnostics.