MAF Codes and Ecotech Engine Runs Bad

2002 Oldsmobile Alero. 2.2 liter Ecotec 4 cylinder.

Computer codes: MAF sensor.
Repairs for this problem: Nothing, mechanics I have seen cannot find a problem. I have a Maf sensor showing on obd2. Although I have no idea where to find the Maf sensor on my car and parts stores claim it doesn't exist on my car.

Question = My car on hotter days and only in the daytime after running it for about half hour starts to lose power as tho for every alternating second it's not getting fuel or something. Jerks around pretty good when I hit he gas peddle even just lightly pressing gas peddle. Sometimes if I shut the car off while this problem is happening it doesn't start again. I have taken it to 2 mechanics and neither could find the problem. But I do get a Maf sensor code on my OBD2 which brings me to my second question. Where do I find the Maf sensor on the car. And who would carry new ones cause the parts stores say my car doesn't have one.

Answer: The parts store is right. The 2.2 L Eco-tech engine does not have a mass airflow sensor. I would need to know the exact code number you have gotten from the computer scan codes. Your car could have a fuel pressure problem like the fuel pump going bad. That would cause it to run this way and not start. You could also have an ignition module going bad. Sometimes an ignition module will cause a few misfires on a few cylinders until eventually the engine will stall or not start.

This could also be a ground problem on the rear of the engine where it bolts to transmission bell housing area. There are a few ground wires sort of even with the radiator fan on the engine block. Pull on those while the engine is running to see if you can get it to act up. Aside from that I would need to code number you got. In a S codes.

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