2002 Oldsmobile Alero No Power Steering

The car hasn't made any noise, and no indicator lights have come on at all. The problem is that the power steering isn't working. It has the right amount of fluid in it . As far as I can see there are no leaks. I was just wondering where I should start? If its the pump? Or if its the rack and pinion? Or if its something simple like vacuum problems or an dialectical issue?

Answer: Most likely the steering problem on your Oldsmobile is a bad power steering pump. There is nothing electrical that can cause this on your vehicle.

A common problem is that the shaft that is attached to the pump pulley has broken inside. So, the pulley is turning with the belt, but is is not turning the inside of the pump. A quick way to check that is with the engine off, take a large screwdriver and put it between the pulley and pump and pry a little. If it move outward, then the shaft is broken. You can push it inward with your hand and do it again. It will move a little bit, but anything more than, say, a 1/54 inch is too much. If this is the case, the power steering pump will need to be replaced.

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