What To Check Before Purchasing Oldsmobile Alero

Buying a Used Car ?

I have an opportunity to purchase an Olds Alero and it will be close to to $2250. Looks real good but with 100,000 miles is it a good idea. At 64yrs old and not a mechanic I''ll be driving not more than about 100 miles at a time. What questions should I ask the young high school grad who''s selling it to go into the marines.

As with any used car, best is to have a mechanic do a check over before purchase,
Ask the owner about maintenance that has been performed, and ask to see any receipts if he has them. Checking condition of all fluids, condition of tires, test drive to make sure does not have any engine noise, see how the transmission shifts. Keep an eye out for lights coming on the dash suck as "check engine light", Anti-lock brakes", "Airbag", etc. Anti lock brake problems can get expensive to fix. Airbag light could be an indication it was in an accident and not repaired properly. A test drive to get the overall "feel" of the car is important.

Look for signs that a fender or two has been painted or repaired. This can indicate a previous accident.
If a 6 cylinder engine, these were known for leaking intake manifold or cylinder head gaskets. This also can get expensive to repair.
Hope this was helpful.

Alero Antilock And TRAC Lights On

Oldsmobile Alero 2000.
TRAC off and antilock.
Those light are always on.


The Traction Control Light is caused by a problem in the ABS system. The ABS computer would need to be scanned to get the trouble code, then the problem can be diagnosed.

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  • Guest - tmar

    My fluid level light came on and the day after I took to get oil change plus fluids topped. The next day the light comes on again. When I checked coolant tank is empty (but shouldn't be). I had to add the universal coolant but I notice changes in the RPM, plus a hold-back while driving. As well, when the heater is turned on, there is a click then a noticeable change in the way the car is running. What is possibly taking place? Its a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero. Thank you