No Brake Lights- Bulbs And Switch Replaced- Olds Cutlass

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Hello i have a 97 Oldsmobile Cutlass Surpreme, its a four door and my brake lights do not work except for the top one. We have checked and replaced bulbs, and the switch under the pedal. Also the blinkers work.

Do the turn signals work?


OK. You may have a problem in the turn signal switch. The brake lights circuit goes through the t-signal switch in the steering column.

There is a quick little test you can do to confirm this.

awesome :)

First, are you sure you adjusted the brake switch you replaced properly? Because if the switch was bad, then you replaced it but did not get it adjusted, it would act the same- no lights.

 pretty sure yes

OK. Then to test the turn signal switch, turn the key on, have someone watch the lights in the rear, and someone else move the turn signal lever very slowly, not so fast as to activate them, just move the handle up and down. Many times if the switch is bad, you will see the brakes lights flicker.

If that does not help, then the other thing is to rapidly move the turn signal handle all the up then all the way down, harshly and several times. This will sometimes free up a bad switch.

ok awesome i got on here for my bf thanks a lot.

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  • Guest - Brenda

    Hello I have a two door 1996 Cutlass Sl and I'm having trouble with my rear break lights there's no blown fuses I replaced break switch nor are there any blown bulbs what else can be my problem help please ....

  • Guest - Tommy

    In reply to: Guest - Brenda

    Did you adjust the brake switch properly. These are very difficult to adjust. If thats fine you may have a bad turn signal switch. The brake lights run through it. Wiggle the turn handle to see if brake lights start to flicker.

  • Guest - kelly kirk

    When he said the third (window) brake light comes on that means the pedal switch is working no need to check that.

  • Guest - jman37

    I promise these cars are notorious for the blinker switches going out if you replace that whole switch it WILL fix your problem for you hey here is a thought it is not that hard to do get the switch bring it to me and i will do it for you for free honestly

  • Guest - jman37

    Trust me i had the same exact problem when i got my 94 only the top window brake light worked i did nit want to believe it but i replaced the blinker switch also known as a multifunction blinker switch it operates the cruise blinkers whipers and yes believe it or not i replaced it and it fixed it

  • Guest - Gwen

    In reply to: Guest - jman37

    malfunction blinker light need to replace don't have no brake lights


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