1998 Oldsmobile 88 dies After Running 10 Minutes

1998 Oldsmobile Delta.
Engine Size : 6 cylinder 3800.
Question: My car cuts off after running for about 10 minutes. It won't start back up till the engine is cool. So replaced the fuel pump, the fuel filter and the crank position sensor. After putting in the sensor it still cranks when engine cools cuts off as soon as it gets hot. What else could it be.

You really need to find out what is missing when it stalls and wont start. Is there spark to the spark plugs ? Is the fuel pressure confirmed good? Are the fuel injectors getting the signal to fire? Without knowing this, you will still be guessing at parts. Use a spark tester to test for a strong spark when it will not start. Use a test light- or better an injector "Noid" light to test for injector pulse signal. A fuel pressure gauge to test fuel pressure. If you have injector pulse, but not spark, I would suspect the ignition module.

If you do not have injector pulse, then it may be a computer (PCM), since the PCM controls the ground side of those circuits. If fuel pressure is low or none at all, then you have a wiring problem to the pump. Possibly a faulty ground. As you can see, the first step is to find out what basic system is having the problem. You have already spent enough time and money on guessing.

Delta 88 Fuel Filter Location

I have a 98 delta 88 Oldsmobile where is the fuel filter?

Answer: The fuel filter is located along the fuel tank. Either in the rear or on the drivers side.

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  • Guest - Gluv

    I have a 1988 delta 88 and I had the same problem come to find out my ignition control module was making the coil packs go bad and it would not start until they cooled off. Try changing the ignition control module and the coil packs and that should fix your problem


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