2004 Pontiac Trans Am No Power Up Hills

2004 Pontiac Trans Am 4.3

Question: Just had my transmission rebuilt, but there seems to be no power, even going up a small hill, driving uphill it seems to try hard to go up. Before the rebuild my car lost all power to go forward only went in reverse, mechanic said he would rebuild the transmission, but there is still no power, and it skips at time. Thank you.

Answer: you really need to decide if this is an engine or transmission problem. If you didn't have this condition before I would have to say possibly something went wrong during the transmission rebuild. It's possible that the transmission is starting off in second or third gear. That would give your Pontiac the feeling of the engine not having enough power. Try starting the car and shifting into low one then accelerate normally and see if that makes a difference.

If this helps then it is an internal trans problem. Something not done right inside the transmission could make car start off in second or third year. The check engine light should be on with a problem like this. If it is you need to have a scan of the computer codes first. If it does not seem to be transmission related, then you may have a problem of low fuel pressure or an ignition system problem like a bad ignition coil.

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