2007 Pontiac G5 Turn Signal Lights Do Not Flash

2007 Pontiac G5. Question: Is the answer free. We have signal lights but it doesn't make the sound of the light.

Answer: I am not really sure what you are asking. If you mean that the turn signal lights turn on but do not blink, then you may have a problem with the Body Control Module (BCM).

This is what controls the turn signal and hazard warning lights. First you would need to check for power going into the turn switch, then check that it sends a signal to the BCM when you move the lever to either left or right. The BCM sends power to the bulbs. Also check all bulbs as that could cause them not to blink, or blink rapidly. If you are stating that they work fine but you do not hear the click - click you are used to, that is because that noise was made by a flasher, and your Pontiac G5 does not have one.

Pontiac TPS Sensor Replace

2007 Pontiac G5. 2.2L Ecotec. Check engine Light. Computer codes = P0121
Question: Hello, i just need to know if the TPS sensor can be replaced on it's own or if i have to replace with whole Throttle body.

Answer: No, the Throttle Position Sensors(TPS) cannot be replaced separately. They are part of the throttle body.

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  • Guest - Connie

    2007 Pontiac G5 flasher is working but no click sound.

  • Guest - Billy

    In reply to: Guest - Connie

    If there is no sound from the flasher, then it is not working.