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Pontiac Grand Am auto repair questions and answers by expert GM Technician. Covering many different years and problems from check engine light and stalling, to won't start or ABS problems.

I own a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. It has the 3.4L V6 motor. When I turn the heat or the air on it does not blow out. I can feel heat or the A/C coming through the vents. It's just not blowing. I thought it was the blower motor resistor. But after replacing the old one it still does the same thing. And every now and then it will randomly kick on.

2001 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4L 3400 V6.
I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am.  Lately, when it is cold out, the car won't start.  I put the key into the ignition, turn the key, the lights and radio come on...but nothing else.  No clicking no turning over of the engine...nothing.  If I wait for 30 - 120 seconds then try again, it will start no problem.  I have had the problem in the past with the security pass through module...which is kind of like this,

I have a Pontiac Grandam 2.4 Lire. The ETS light comes on by itself when engine is warm with or without check engine light coming on. The check engine codes vary from P0171, P0134, P0125. Severe black smoke from the exhaust when ETS light on very poor gas mileage when on. Starts fine cold or normal. Great performance when lights are off. New Stuff: MAP hose, Cat. Both O2 sensors, Plugs & wires. Can't seem to find any vacuum leaks. 180,000Kms Any hints where to look? Air valve maybe?