Questions and Answers for Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac Grand Am auto repair questions and answers by expert GM Technician. Covering many different years and problems from check engine light and stalling, to won't start or ABS problems.

My daughter has this Pontiac Grand Am at college about 45 miles from home. She called me and said her blower motor quit blowing in the middle of winter. I had her bring it home on Friday evening so I could check it out. The fuse in the passenger compartment was OK. The 30 amp fuse in the engine compartment was blown. I put a new one in and when I turned on the blower motor it instantly blew again.

2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4l V6. Security light on. After it starts for about 2 seconds and dies.
The car will start and die after about 2 seconds. Has a anti theft code in computer.The security light will stay on after the car dies. Have tried to relearn it as a temp fix but the light will not go out. Have waited as long as 20 mins. The door locks are not working either or trunk lock on drivers door. The key fob is not working either (battery may be dead in it).

Charging problem with my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am.
Engine size = 3.4 V6
Dash lights = Battery light
Repair work done prior = Replaced new alternator - twice
Work done to repair this problem = Replaced Crank pulley, Power steering pulley and crank sensor
question = After replacing the crank and power steering pulleys along with the crank sensor, I started the engine and the battery light stays on.  I checked the battery and found it to be low so I charged fully and reinstalled it along with a new rebuilt alternator from Autozone.