Cannot Get the Correct EGR Valve For My 2001 Grand Prix

Problem with my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix. Engine size = 3.8L (VIN k). Repairs for this problem = EGR Valve caught on fire, can't find replacement part.

The EGR Valves we have found (internet, parts dealers) will not fit my car. They have a plug on the top, whereas the one we need has no plug but instead has a vacuum hose.

One dealer said if we found the numbers on the old valve they could order a new one; however, the old one melted when it caught on fire and we can't see the numbers. Any help/info/advice you have to offer will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You!

Answer: The reason that nobody can get you the correct EGR valve you are looking for, is that there is no EGR valve that runs on vacuum for this car. They have been electronically controlled for years. Some possible causes for you problem...

  • This is not a 2001 3800 engine
  • Someone has replaced the EGR Valve with the incorrect style
  • This is a much older engine in the car
  • The part you are looking for is not the EGR Valve.

The part you are trying to replace may be the Secondary Air Injection System Check Valve. This can be confused with EGR valve. This has a vacuum port.

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