Ride is Too Soft

Inspect for worn shocks, struts, mounts, worn incorrect or broken springs.

Ride is Too Hard

Check for incorrect shock or strut type, tire pressure too high.



Body Rolls to One Side

Inspect for loose or broken stabilizer bar links, broken bar, worn struts or shocks, mounting, broken springs or vehicle overloaded to one side.


Abnormal Tire Wear

Check for hard or aggressive driving, excessive speed when cornering, tires not rotated regularly, improper inflation, worn shock or struts, mounting, wheel front end alignment, worn hub or wheel bearings, loose ball joints or control arms.

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  • Guest - Hector

    How much torque inner tie rods need on 2006 Chevy hhr

  • Guest - traci

    Need advise on how to safely remove drivers strut and replace working on this issue at home. I have no money to pay a shop. I need safety and proper replacement details quickly so I can resolve issue ASAP.