2005 Rendezvous Won't Start Unless Wiggle Shifter

2005 Buick Rendezvous
Engine Size : V6
Question : Car won't start in park position all the time, most of the time you have to pull the gear shift forward and wiggle it and then it will start, I actually thought it had to be in Neutral, but I think it will also start when in D also. When it starts, the display area that tells what gear you are in is incorrect.

My husband thinks he messed up the electrical system using the keyless remote, or a fuse problem or something. Is it electrical or transmission.

Answer: Could be a neutral safety switch that is bad, or the electrical wiring going from the shifter to the switch itself. Wiggling the shifter to get it to start suggests a contact or connection problem. More than likely, using the keyless remote did not have anything to do with this, and you would not have a bad fuse causing this issue. If you can remove the shift plate and trim around the shifter, you can inspect the wiring and connectors or see if something is broken.

You could possibly need a new shifter if something isn't aligned right or off. A shift cable could be the cause too, especially if you're showing the incorrect gear. It's going to need inspected to find out the exact cause.

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