Transmission Problems List

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  • Guest - Chad

    I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota. When I put it into four wheel drive, I hear a grinding sound. What could this be?

  • Guest - shannon

    So my transmission seems to be stuck in first in every gear , it reads neutral for the most part and indicator light reads all gears but rev and park a d won't shift into anything g other then first and neutral. And when I start it in neutral and push the gas it feels as though it's in gear but doesnt mive

  • Guest - Johnny sharbine

    I have a 98 Honda accord when I get going the transmission shifts great no slipping nothing but soon as it hits overdrive its like someone put it in neutral I can pull over kill engine and start again and it does the same thing again every time what is this

  • Guest - barry stokes

    what is the actual name for 1995 buick park avenue part ...subframe or aframe and is it one single part for the front or two

  • Guest - shamera tyler

    i have a 2000 gmc 3500 7.4 motor it wont going in to gear at all what should i check and what could it be