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  • Guest - Bob Kirberger

    my 95 buick lesabre goes in and out of overdrive even if i have the cruise set. usually at or above 50mph. and it is real bad when its raining. what does this mean?

  • Guest - Bill

    I have a 97tahoe tranny shifted fine one day & not next day was wandering if it has a vacuum. Modulator on it.? ?

  • Guest - Billy

    In reply to: Guest - Bill

    It does not have a vacuum solenoid, but that would not cause the problem anyway. You might have a shift solenoid problem. Get the codes scanned. This will usually set a trouble code.

  • Guest - Cliff Mericle

    Driving down the road in my truck my transmission stop working sounded like gears bouncing around when I stepped on the gas pedal it the transfer case ?

  • Guest - KERRY HOWELL

    MY 94 dodge ram 1500 has a code 37 tcc open or grounded circuit i replaced the tcc the harness has 3 pins wire colors are orang blk green blk and brown how do i find out what wire is bad

  • Guest - Jason

    I have a 93 mustang gt w/5 speed trans, it won't move forward/reverse. When I let off the clutch it cuts off even when it's in nuetral

  • Guest - terri

    i have a chevy cavilar sometimes it bogs down and lose power then it will kick into gear and drive ok ,what could be causing this to happen?

  • Guest - Ford fusion 2011, 2.5L

    I would like to change the transmission fluid and would like to know if it has a drain plug, if not than how do I drain the transmission fluid

  • Guest - Son of war

    I have a 1983 Chevy S10 pickup 2.8 l it has very little power in first gear when taking off from a dead stop what would cause it to do that

  • Guest - Chad

    I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota. When I put it into four wheel drive, I hear a grinding sound. What could this be?