Chevy Malibu Theft Problems and Alarm

Name : Joe K.
My story is about a 2001 Chevy Malibu. For the longest time i have had the theft light come on the dash now and again and the car would not start. I found a relearn procedure on the web. the one that you turn the key on for 10 minutes a few times, then it resets and I can start the car. Finally took it to a mechanic.

They replaced the Passlock sensor ignition cylinder. All was fine for a bout a week. then the light came back on and it would not start.

So towed it back to the shop. this time they replaced the ignition switch behind the cylinder. Off I go again. 2 weeks later same problem ! Now mechanic tells me it is the fault of my alarm and remote start system. They need to disconnect the whole thing. So what choice do i have. Paid them again ! It has been a month since any more problems, which is great, but god, I spent almost a thousand dollars.

They should have known it was the alarm in the first place and not made me pay for the other repairs. I talked to the manager and he was now help at all. Basically said-"thats what happens sometimes with this system" What a load of bull ! Last time I go to that shop for repairs. And I told everyone I know about that repair shop so they will never ever go to them !

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