2001 Suburban Front Differential Axles Locking Up

2001 Chevrolet Suburban. 5.7: Vortec V8. Question: I have a 2001 Chevy Suburban 4x4 that the front axle is locking up want to know if i can remove the ring and pinion gears and still be able to drive it till I can get new gears?

Answer: I don't think you can just take the unit out, remove the gears, re-install it temporarily. The axles have nothing to hold them in. If it is locking up whether you are in 2 or 4 wheel drive, then I guess you could remove the front differential, the drive shaft to the transfer case, and also remove the front axles and drive it like a 2 wheel drive truck, but never tried it. That's an awful lot of work for a temporary fix.

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